How We Work With You

Here's How We Work With You:
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* We listen and ask important questions
* We offer fresh perspectives
* We suggest options, and
* Throughout our work together, we respect the culture and traditions
that have brought success to your business.
Here Are Some Examples of Where We Can Help:
1. A Department Director needs a group of staff personnel to work
* The Need: To builld this group of individual contributors into
cooperatively on a long-term project.
an interdependent team.
* Our Solution: We custom design a team building process that will
help this group move forward from an individual focus to a shared commitment.
2. Staff meetings at an engineering firm lack enthusiasm and mutual
* The Need: Create a shared vision and shared commitment within
this group.
* Our Solution: A combination of training in Meeting Skills and real-time group coaching to embed the skills learned.
3. A Hospital requires a high level of cooperation between Nursing Services and Radiology. Though everyone wants to reach this required
level of cooperation, many mis-haps continue despite best intentions.
* The Need: Interdependent problem solving.
* Our Solution: Assess the specific areas causing the problem. Provide intergroup team development and problem solving intervention.
4. A Project Leader of a new information system is hearing rumbles that conflict is brewing between newly hired and long-term employees
of her team.
* The Need: How to bring new employees on board so that their skills can be accepted and valued by the veteran members of her team.
* Our Solution: Facilitate a customized process that results in group cohesion and valuing of everyone's unique contributions.
If you would like to discuss how we can help your business, we are offering a complimentary consultation of up to one hour. Please feel free to contact us.