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Wynn Consulting Solutions can custom design a workshop tailored to your specific needs. When we deliver a workshop at your location our service includes:
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* Preliminary discussion with you to determine your goals and
trainee outcomes
* Course Design
* Instruction at your work site or chosen location, and
* Workshop handouts
Often our clients find the workshop they need is already one of our best-selling workshops listed here.
Values Driven Leadership
How does a leader find his or her authentic voice? Most find theirs by clarifying their personal values -- the foundation for all other leadership knowledge and skills.
In this workshop, participants explore the ethics of leadership by first looking outside themselves at both ethical breaches and positive ethical examples from the current business world. Then they look at a leader's responsibilities for creating and sustaining an ethical business climate in
their own organization. The concluding exploration is directed at how they personally bring integrity into their management interactions.
Building Effective Teams
Decades of experience with teams have informed our current efforts at building and sustaining high performance work teams. The basic principles of effective teams form the foundation of this workshop. Participants "learn by doing" as they explore essential principles of how to effectively build and lead a team. Lively group discussions follow exercises which portray the basic principles. Personal insight is a key outcome.
Successful Meetings
Successful meetings don't just happen. They are made from the right combination of leadership and membership skills. Participants will learn to apply rigorous guidelines to determine if a meeting is really necessary. Essential facilitation tools will be presented along with how to identify and address common issues in the group's interpersonal dynamics.
Conversations You Really, Really Have to Have
Despite the focus on productivity improvements based on technological innovation, nothing has yet replaced the need for good interpersonal relationships in business. Success, failure or mediocrity can often be traced to conversations that didn't happen or happened poorly. This workshop presents the "how-to's" of effective conversations with employees, with peers and with authority figures.
Collaboration By Design
Successful collaboration has many components. A key starting point is the design of effective working groups. Who's in? Who's not in?
integration mechanisms
when collaboration needs extend beyond your departmental boundaries. Come to this workshop with a recent
problem  that caused a less than desired outcome at implementation. You will analyze the "mechanism of best fit" for a highly improved implementation the next time.
Understanding Change: The Impact on Your Business
Nothing stays the same. Never mind that we'd often like it to. Change is a constant in most of today's thriving businesses. We invite you to take a step back from the fray and spend some time exploring both the theories of change management and real-life techniques that will help your business implement change with less pain and more vigor.
Communicating, Listening and Feedback
When what we have is a "failure to communicate", consider yourself part of an illustrious crowd. Nothing trips us up more often than when we try to communicate our thoughts and intentions to someone outside of our own body. In this workshop, we explore communication basics: speaking, listening and feedback. Lots of exercises fill the workshop so that participants will gain in both knowledge and direct experience.
If you would like to discuss how our training programs can help your business, we are offering a complimentary consultation of up to one hour. Please feel free to contact us.
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